Waiting Out the Weather That Howls In My Brain

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Jess Williamson – “Blood Song”

Pairs Well With…Sharon Van Etten, Sarah Jaffe, Jolie Holland

Jess Williamson has taken a grand leap forward with this year’s Native State, a collection of melancholy folk songs under the cover of a long, black veil. Williamson has a beautiful tone, rich in depth and ripe with emotion. The low alto of Williamson’s tone is a perfect land to live, moving between a conversational melody to a powerful falsetto on a dime. Musically, Native State is pretty minimal through and through, the plucking of some strings and bass drum rhythms power the majority of these tracks. This music is raw, pretty without trying to be pretty. That level of delicacy is incredibly well and should be a goose-bump moment on the SXSW stage this year.


—Milkweed / It Hangs Heavy


Pharmakon - Milkweed / It Hangs Heavy


Blood Orange ft. Caroline Polachek (Chairlift) // Chamakay


Gem Club - Polly

Once this northern side of our planet starts to drift into coldness, songs like this make our darker days built more tolerable.

The Boston’s new full-length In Roses LP comes out January 28th on Hardly Art Records.